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Championship and Collegium

Saturday, April 21st

Come and be welcome! The populace of the Province of Golden Rivers looks forward to seeing you on April 21th as our new Defender will rise from trial by combat in our armored combat tournament. We have teachers ready to share their knowledge in Arts and Sciences. We will hold a competition for the Bard of Golden Rivers. G2 – Baron Gwen and Gwendwyn the Silent will be entering the ranks of the Laurel. There will be a middle eastern sideboard, included with your site fee.


Open at 9, close at 11. The tournament will be elimination or round robin depending on numbers. One round will be with you off hand, and another with daggers.

Bard of Golden Rivers Competition

Will happen at lunch

Court and Elevation

Will happen at 4

Sideboard Menu

  • Lunch at 12
  • Hummus
  • Lavosh (flat bread)
  • Beef kabob
  • Chicken kabob
  • Maast-o Khiar (cucumber dip)
  • Tabbouleh
  • Ghoraiybah (Cardamon Cookies)
  • Lemon Water
  • Mint water

Other Notes

Joan Jurancich will be consulting at the heralds table

There will be a bake sale to help support the Scribes of Golden Rivers. Donations are needed

This is a dry site, no exceptions.

Class Schedule

  Fiber Misc Discussion
10-11 Lucet
  Marielle DeRivage
Introduction to Leather
  Robear de Percevil
  limit 12, cost 0
Apocalypse 1347: Plague
  Kara of Golden Rivers
  limit 0, fee 0
11-12 Kumihimo
  Lady Morwenna of Tintagel
  limit 6/0, cost 0/$3
Roman Rings
 Katira Al-Maghrebiyya
  Sylvie la Chardonniere
  limit 0, cost 0
1-2:30 Cross Stitch is Period!
  Agnes Berengarii de Girona
  limit 6/10,cost 0/$10
Beginning White Work
  Danae FitzRobert
  limit 12, cost 0/$5
Notes Transylvanian Cookbook
  Baron Gwen
  limit 10, cost 0
2:30-4 Fibery Goodness
  Rayna O’Donnell
  limit 10, cost 0/$
Mailoica Glazing
  Anastasia Grindstead
  limit 6, cost $3
Meaning of Flowers in Border
  Hilarie the Puppeter
  limit 0, cost 0

Class Descriptions

Fibery Goodness: Rayna O’Donnell

I will share what little I know about wool (don’t let her fool you, she knows ALOT), people will get an opportunity to see the Viking and English combs as well as carding brushes, and depending on their age may get to work with them. I will have raw wool fleece as well as Alpaca fleece so people can see and feel them, and I will have prepared wool for people to work with and drop spindles
Class limit 10, cost 0/$10 if you want to keep the spindle and take home wool to practice with

Beginning white work: Danae FitzRobert

Learn to add white detailing to your illumination.
Class limit 12, class fee 0/$5 if you want to keep the kit

Introduction to Leather: Robear de Percevil

Populace, this is Leather, leather meet populace. only things to bring are questions. What are thicknesses, how to create designs, shade and depth. Riveting, sewing and stressing
Class limit 12, class fee 0

Consorting Discussion: Sylvie la Chardonniere

An open discussion about what it means to be a consort and how to still be friends afterwards.
Class limit 0, class fee 0

Apocalypse 1347: Plague Discussion: Kara of Golden Rivers

In 1347 plague hit Europe and over a period of 3 years killed 40% - 60% of the population, wiping out entire families and villages. This is the story of how people coped (or didn't) and what their world was like afterward.
Class limit 0, class fee 0

Cross Stitch is Period!: Honorable Lady Agnes Berengarii de Girona

For decades, historic embroiderers often stated, “Cross stitch is a more modern form of embroidery”. However, over the last decade we have found that no, it was used in pre-16th century Europe and the evidence has been under our very noses for all this time. This is not a class about long-arm cross stitch, this is about picture cross stitch. Come learn about our evidence and learn how to cross stitch in a period
Class limit 6 kits/10 total, class fee 0/ $10 for kit

Kumihimo: Lady Morwenna of Tintagel

Beginning Kumihimo Braiding: Come learn the basics of how to make beautiful braided cords. Different types of patterns will be taught with various thicknesses of floss and yarn used. We will be experimenting and having fun!
Class limit: 6kits/0 own or observing, class fee 0/?$ for disc

Lucet: Marielle DeRivage

Meaning of Flowers in Border: Discussion: Hilarie the Puppeteer

Meaning of Flowers” class for Collegium, which I’ve re-titled: “Flora, Fauna, and Fornicators in Folios”: Come get a better understanding of the symbology of flowers and other objects in medieval illuminated manuscripts. Lots of fun, weirdness, and naughty stories.
Class limit 0, class fee 0

Mailoica Glazin: Anastasia Grindstead

A lecture and hands on 16th century Maiolica Glaze techniques class includes glazing on a prepared tile – I will supplies all glazes and the tile – I will supply a handout with a list of glazes and supplies needed to continue at home- no hand lotion or other oily substance on your hands for this class
Class limit 6, class fee $3

Notes on Transylvanian Cookbook: Baron Gwen

My class is formally known as the Standing on the edge of the cliff-notes about the Transylvanian Cookbook.
Class limit 10, fee 0, bring a fork, maybe a small plate

Roman Rings: Katira Al-Maghrebiyya


Site Opens:

9am and closes at 6pm, list closes at 11

Site Fee:

Site Fee: 15$, members discount $10, family cap $20, 12 and under free (mistyped in page)


Rosemont Community Park; 9328 Americana Way, Sacramento, CA 95826 (Behind Albert Einstein Middle School)


Take your best way to HWY 50. Take Bradshaw exit traveling south. Turn right at Goethe (will be a signal light). Follow Goethe past Mayhew. Americana Drive is two blocks further west. Turn left and follow around to park. Parking available in the street although you can drop off items in the parking lot area if it’s full.


Linnet Hatfield
916-806-0615, roxannehatfield@ymail


Mistress Caoilinn Rose Maddox