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Golden Rivers Cooks

Who we are: A group of like-minded culinary enthusiasts that enjoy exploring pre-17th century food and cooking.

What we do: Practical research and experimentation in historical cookery. We share information, recipes and techniques about cooking and feast preparation.

How can I get involved? Join us at a workshop, collegium, or event and participate! Newcomers welcome.

What if I don't live in the Province of Golden Rivers? Email us about our Historical Cooking Roadshow.

News and Culinary Events

Collegium and event classes on cooking topics:

The Shire of Fendrake Marsh (Fallon, NV) is hosting a Plague Feast on Oct. 21, 2017.

Bestwodeshire (Cottonwood, CA) will host it's Fall Feast and Championship on Oct. 21, 2017

Perfectly Period Feast - Burgundy (Fairfax, CA) will take place Nov. 10-12, 2017. While seats for the feast are sold out, the guild has a lot of information available on food and table manners for 15th c. Burgundy.

Collegium Occidentalis (Los Altos, CA) will hold classes on various topics including cooking and food related subjects Nov. 18, 2017. Check back for specifics.

Golden Rivers Anniversary Banquet (Sacramento, CA) this year features a Hapsburg Dynasty feast on Nov. 25, 2017.


Most Kingdom and Principality events host a cooking competition. Wooden Spoon is the West Kingdom competition, and Copper Spoon is the Principality of Cynagua level.

The next Copper Spoon competition for Cynagua Fall Coronet:
It’s Fall Coronet! A time when mundanely we celebrate spooky things, like monsters! And so, for the Copper Spoon, we have a monstrous challenge for you. We have a cookbook, belonging to the Chef of the Prince of Transylvania itself, newly translated. It’s available for free download from Your challenge? Pick a recipe and present it! Heck, I’ll even give you an extra point if you pick the 54th beef recipe (read it and see why)!

The next Wooden Spoon competition is:
Twelfth Night: Sweetmeats ... small pretty tasty sweets; wafers, suckets, confits, etc.

Past Golden Rivers Anniversary Banquets

YearHead CookMenu
2017Antonio Giordano da Sicilia  Hapsburg Dynasty
2016Edmond of SurreyItalian
2015Pádraig McMathúnaPolish
2014Gwendwyn the SilentNorse
2013Caoilinn Rose MaddoxAndalusian
2012Anna Serra and Anthony HinajosaItalian
2011ap DaffydsGerman
2010Caoilinn Rose MaddoxBritish Isles
2009Moira O'Connor  Russian
2008 Francesca Maria Lucretia Saracini Silk Road
2007 Vincenzo Saracini    Dining De Medici
2006 Eric Bearsbane Spanish
2005 Anna Serra  Norse
2004 Antonio Giordano da Sicili Italian
2003 ap Daffyd's  Celtic
2002 Dracena del Cuppra English
2001 Gwendwyn the SilentMeditteranean
2000 Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke French
If you have been a cook for a previous Anniversary Banquet and would like to have it listed, please contact us.