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What you need to know for your first event

You do not need to be a member to go to gather or an event

There are many advantages to being a member such as not having to pay the extra 5 dollar insurance fee when going to an event, access to the newslatter, and the ability to hold office and other official positions.

Going to Gather

We have very enjoyable weekly gathers held at Rosemont Community Park; 9328 Americana Way: Wednesday starting at seven. It is a great place to see what we are about. There will be fighters fighting, both heavy (think about knights in armor) and often rapier (think Three Musketeers) as well as lots of visiting and working on projects. Just wear your normal, everyday (mundane) cloths. Please make sure to bring a chair

Goodwill and Thrifts Stores are your friends

You can find great finds here. Need fabric for a tunic? Look here, a cotton sheet works grand. Lots of fabric, in one big piece. You can also find ice cheast, plates, cups, chairs, all kind of things at much better prices.

What to wear

Gold Key May have loaner garb (SCA cloths) that can be borrowed for the day. It is limited but we also have cloths for kids.

Please make an attempt to look period so fit in. If you see us, please come by even if you are not in garb. We are happy to answer questions.

Tunic - The t-shirt of the Middle ages. can be long or shor, any where from above the knee to an inch or two on the ground. You can wear them layered and with pants. Great for guys in hot weather, just put on shorts underneath and you are good to go. Look here for directions

Tabard - a rectangle of fabric, with a neck hole, with the sides hanging down, and belted at the waist. just wear your normal, non-patterned shirt and pants/shorts/skirt underneath. The top is the width of your shouders, and should go to your knees, so double that length. Look here for directions.

Chitons - because of the hot weather, an alternative to a long tunic is a chiton.  As simple as a sheet, folded in half and clipped at the shoulders. I modify this, by making them mid\-calf, and sew up the side from mid thigh to arm pit. Look here for directions

Pants - Something a long the line of scrub pants which are warn by the medical profession

Belt - A long piece of fabric that can be tied at the waist. It can as short as needed to tie, or up to as long as to hang to the bottom of the garment

Shoes - simple shoes: sandals, leather shoes, skimmers, best to be a solid color. Please no running shoes with funky soles and neon sides.-

What to bring to a day event

Put your phone on vibrate or off, and stay off it. Keep in hidden, same with your other electronic devices. If you need to use it, get out of sight.

Please make sure to sign in and pay your event fee if there is one, at gate - it is usually a table at the front of the event, just ask around if you can not find it. Signing provides insurance stuff, and the fees pay for the site and necessary things such as trash dumpsters, privies and toilet paper.

Chair, we use the folding ones that you can get at most any where. Choose one with out logos.

Clothing, remember to be prepared for the hot of the day and cool, of the evening. Layers. Remember you can wear sweats and long sleeves under tunics.

Stuff to eat on, and cup to put a drink in - such as and made looking or simple large coffee mug, a plate, one of those thicker, plain, stone ware ones. Plastic cups, and paper plates are frowned on. If your drinking something in a can or bottle, pore it in your cup.

A couple of pieces of fabric/table cloths that can be thrown over things such as your ice chest.

PLENTY of WATER, sports drinks and what ever food you want. Dehydration is a real danger.


What to bring to a overnight event

In addition to what you need for a day event.

Again sign in and pay your fees - normaly 10 for a two nighter, and 15 for a three nighter. Plus 5 for insurance if you are not a member.

Tent, a modern tent is just fine. Make sure you tent will fit you and what you want with you. I suggest a good size tent. Don't camp on the Eric, and look for yellow tape which marks off the roads/no camping areas.

Bedding, remember you need to have a thick pad between you and the ground or air mattress, this is where most of your heat is lost. And of course blankets or sleeping bag for the top.

Flashlight, will need to light to find the privies

If your cooking, stove and a table.

Remember to stay off your electronic device so you do not disturb others.